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What’s Happening In Nigeria? #ENDSARS

Welcome back to my blog 🙋 So I was going to do a whole post on this, but my feelings have been all over the place and my state of mind is not at it’s best right now. But MissBluw has a very put together post which you should read http://wp.me/pbEhKS-AI and also follow the […]

Why We Are Protesting in Nigeria to End SARS

For the past few days, #endsars has been trending worldwide and even if you aren’t Nigerian, you must have stumbled across it on social media or the news. Why We Are Protesting in Nigeria to End SARS

The Bad Governance In Nigeria 😢💔

Initially, it was about #endpolicebrutality But we actually figured out that, it’s about #endbadgovernance You might be already aware of the crisis going on in Nigeria, my country. And this hashtag “#endsars” is not new to you anymore. For the past few weeks, I have been doing all I can to join the movement and […]

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